Some statistics

While we may not have statics similar to Pew International’s report on the typology of public library engagement in America. about library users in Trinidad and Tobago, we do have information about Internet access.

According to the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago’s Digital Divide Survey Report, 70.51% of the population have access to computers; this access could be at their homes, Internet cafés, or libraries. The proportion of households with access to a computer is 70.51%, and the percentage of individuals using the Internet is 80.1%. How should libraries, in particular, public libraries, respond to this data?


3 thoughts on “Statistics

  1. Public libraries can respond to this data by, continuing to conduct needs assessment survey to find out what are the information needs of the percentages of those users in their community. Public libraries should also develop an entrepreneurial spirit by being creative about how their services can be disseminated to the online user.
    The survey also states that the use of mobile phones has a 140% penetration in our society, which is helping to decrease the digital divide. It might be nice to have an increase of the mobile app technology for library resources. This can also work for the differently abled in our society e.g BARD Mobile App from the Library of Congress.

  2. I like the point you are making about about “mobile app technology for library resources” that caters for the differently abled to often they are ignored. Public libraries should implement programs that educates on the ways to access resources.

  3. I think public libraries should analyze this data and compare it with their own. What is the percentage of their users (both real and digital) and then use that to figure out a way to make using the Library exciting and engaging. After all that is one of the reasons people use social media networking sites.

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